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Combining science, technology and community engagement, we drive positive conservation outcomes on a rapidly changing planet.


Through our advanced Earth imaging technology, novel data analytics, and training of next-generation scientists and community members, we reach our mission goals all over the world.

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Hope for rare species at risk of extinction: a map of "Conservation Imperatives" that must be protected by 2030.

Read article by @greg_asner of @ASU and @ASU_GDCS, @CarlosPeres_ of @uniofeastanglia & @institutojurua, @ericwikramanay1 of @EFL_1981 et al:

1/4 I am truly awed by this group of young folks who had the courage and fortitude to stand up for their futures in Hawaiʻi. With trepidation, I put myself out on the climate expert "witness stand",

Operational water quality monitoring over #coral reefs using our Global Airborne Observatory, by @kellyproof and many lab colleagues

New study out, led by former labmate @RCEngstrand, with Jorge Caballero Espejo, @silmanmr and @greg_asner, about their study of long-term revisitation to gold mines in the #Amazon region of #Peru.

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