Allen Coral Atlas

Allen Coral Atlas

For the Allen Coral Atlas, Asner Lab researchers have pioneered coral reef monitoring using Planet’s constellation of more than 100 small satellites. Our lab is currently developing new algorithms and innovative approaches for this project such as an atmospheric correction algorithm, a water bio-optical properties estimation algorithm, an auto bathymetry detection algorithm, coral reef bleaching detectors, and the algorithms for implementing a global coral monitoring system.

The Asner Lab’s ocean region atmospheric correction algorithm uses input from the top of atmospheric radiance to remove atmospheric effects, such as Rayleigh scattering, water vapor effects, and aerosol effects. The new automatic bathymetry detection algorithm introduced the adaptive approach by using deep-water light attenuation conditions to tune the parameters for depth estimation. An algorithm for water bio-optical properties was designed to retrieve water inherent optical properties from Planet Dove satellite imagery. Coral reef bleaching detectors are being developed based on forward modeling established from our ocean bottom spectral library. These revolutionary approaches are tailored according to the spectral and spatial characteristics of Planet Dove images, the realm of big data processing, and with a global application in mind.

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